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Palmgard Sta-307 - Protective Adult Batting Gloves

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Product Description


Extended wrap around padding to protect the index finger and thumb
Jam protection throughout the thumb gripping area Padding in the heal area give protection from the knob of the bat Knuckle gussets and neoprene back for better fit and feel Quality embroidered logo

The STS (SHOCK TRANSFER SYSTEM) is very similar to the Protective Inner Glove, but with a thinner and more dispersed cushioning system. The basic glove is made of high-quality, ASTRA-SOFT leather with spandex backing and lycra finger gussets. The thin cushion is made from a specially developed material, that is less dense than the formula used in the PALMGARD glove.
The Company's exclusive Shock Transfer System positions the cushions on the palm side of the batting glove. The padding protects the heel, thumb and lower finger areas of the palm of the hand. Parts of the cushioned area are grooved with an additional seam to provide flexibility to the STS when the player grips the bat.
The STS padding structure is perfect for those players that use the Overlap or Off-the-Knob gripping style. Additionally, our gloves make playing in colder climates more tolerable. Everyone knows that feeling when you miss-hit a ball during that first practice when it's 45 degrees outside. The special padding in our STS gloves will absorb that sting and allow you to practice longer and with better results.

The STS Protective Batting Glove is available in Youth Sizes XS-XL and Adult Sizes S-XXL. It comes in the attractive black/white style seen above. Pairs Only!



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